Poetry Picks: ‘Words, Wide Night’, Carol Ann Duffy

This is one of my favourite poems of all time! If you’re missing a certain someone, whether it’s a long-distance relationship or a case of unrequited love, this is the perfect poem for you.
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Poetry Picks: ‘Up’, Margaret Atwood

I came across this poem entirely by chance, actually. Sometime a few years ago, I used my enormous Norton Anthology of Poetry to press some flower petals, and when I came back to check them some weeks or months later, I had a quick read of the poems surrounding them – one of which was Margaret Atwood’s ‘Up’. To this day I’m still not entirely sure why this poem made such an impression; there’s something so simplistic and quietly haunting about it, it takes me by surprise every time. Continue reading “Poetry Picks: ‘Up’, Margaret Atwood”

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